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A fisherman in a kayak works the waters below Ford Dam on the Mississippi River. To this day, visitors leave the Runestone Museum in Alexandria, Minn. At the turn of the 20th century, a Swedish farmer in central Minnesota discovered a pound slab of gray sandstone tangled in the roots of a tree. Covered in what appeared to be ancient Germanic letters known as runes, many thought the stone was a relic left by a small group of Nordic explorers as a chronicle of their journey more than years before Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain. Star Tribune file photo Olof Ohman, in tie, and the Kensington Runestone are flanked by armed guards at an exhibition in about Ohman said he found the buried stone on his Minnesota farm. Is Minnesota actually more German than Scandinavian? Why are felons stripped of voting rights, and what other rights do they lose?

What’s the truth behind Minnesota’s Kensington Runestone?

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Dating Then & Now. 27 min S9: Story Time: Treasure Island Pt. 1: The Old Buccaneer. 1 hr 28 min S9: Story Time: The Mystery of Marie Roget Parts

It goes without saying that this is a difficult time for everyone. It seems like everywhere you turn these days, all anyone is talking about is the Coronavirus and, with everyone being encouraged to stay home, people are seeking some sort of entertainment to get them through their day. If you are sick of looking at a screen all day, luckily there is some sweet, sweet audio only content for you to get into during this troubling time.

Stay safe, happy listening and wash your hands, you filthy animals. This podcast is a serialized true-crime narrative and possibly one of the most important podcasts currently in production, as well as one of the most binge worthy podcasts out there. Rodney Alcala was a ruthless sociopath, a convicted predator and he was on the run. How did this predatory monster fool producers, employers, prison psychiatrists, and parole boards alike — all while committing heinous crimes from coast to coast?

Listen for free on Stitcher and Apple Podcasts. I Said No Gifts! He only has one request: No gifts! Naturally, every guest disobeys, meaning their chat will eventually turn to whatever object lies beneath the wrapping paper. Available on Stitcher , Spotify and Apple Podcasts! How Did This Get Made? Hosts of the How Did This Get Made podcast have a thing for watching terrible movies and talking about those terrible movies.

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In Episode 63 we interview sex industry veteran Arabelle Raphael. We talk to her about her varied sex work career, negotiating relationships as a sex worker, and art as catharsis. We will also discuss how creating and selling DIY content fits into the lives of creators. In Episode 62 we interview Tina Horn , a dominatrix, writer, educator, and podcaster. We talk to her about her new comic series SFSX Safe Sex , the dystopian near-future it envisions, and how it relates to recent events.

We also discuss the craft of writing and the transferable skills developed through sex work.

The marine biologist wants us all to start asking a new question: What does the future look like if we get it right? Listen →. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts / Stitcher /.

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. No account yet? The Chosen Ones tells the story of the Vallow and Daybell families, and does a detailed breakdown of the strange happenings leading up to the disappearances of Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow. We spoke with Celene Beth Calderon, the host of The Chosen Ones about piecing together this complex narrative, and about her upcoming film, Killing Theodore, which focuses on the victims, survivors, families, and communities impacted by Ted Bundy.

I believe I was made aware of this story at the end of September and kept on it through the coming months.

35 Podcasts You Should Be Listening to in 2019

This podcast is for every single, divorced, and widowed woman in her late 30s and beyond who is in the dating scene or considering a comeback. Become a wiser, in-the-know dater, as women share their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned with host Jodi Klein and you. Visit firstdatestories. Read Less. What’s it like to date after a bitter divorce?

Have you been feeling like your dating life has been disappointment after disappointment? Kristie Christie comes on the show to discuss her own story of.

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Then, they tell Kaitlyn all about how they met and started dating. Producer: Sarah Bishop is a well respected radio producer who has worked with names including Edith Bowman and Arielle Free. Who arielle vandenberg dating – may william emerson will arnett is dating, arielle kebbel is taurus and host.

Do you find yourself pining for a podcast about scandalous dating and relationship stories? Does hearing about the crazy stuff that happens in other people’s.

Trying to pick a new true-crime podcast is like selecting a frozen yogurt flavor at a 16 Handles shop—but worse: Like a good non-fiction book , you’ve got your long-buried historical homicides; your thrillers , your blood-racing mysteries , your criminal justice commentaries; your amateur sleuthing call-ins; your Serial -host like investigative heroes; your hardened detective heartthrobs—and each is tempting in its own way. We have everything from the Joe Exotic podcast, also explored in the Netflix show Tiger King , and an eight-episode show about long-buried family secrets.

This jaw-dropping group promises plenty of gasps, sobs, and uncanny conversations around the office water cooler. Story: From the same studio that produced the hit podcast Dirty John comes Over My Dead Body , a gripping show about people being pushed to their limits. The same story is explored in the new Netflix show, Tiger King. Listen Now. Story: A clear-eyed glimpse into the carefully fabricated, dangerously ambitious, deep-voiced, and utterly scamalicious world of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of now-defunct health technology behemoth, Theranos.

The Podcasts To Listen To When You Need Relationship Advice

Hosted by David Brancaccio. About this show Show less info. Episodes 1 – 10 of 5, Share Now on:. Aug 20,

Visit to share your stories and get featured on an upcoming episode of the show! The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone.

In many cases, podcasts can be entertaining and insightful for people of all ages, but there are quite a few that are geared towards millenials, or the younger generation also known as Generation Y. A podcast is audio only — no video. There are podcasts in all genres, from politics to sports to culture to comedy to everything in between. Typically, podcasts are structured like a typical radio show — there is a host, and that host often interviews people about a specific subject.

By the end of a podcast, you generally achieve one of the following:. A typical podcast is about 30 minutes in length, though there are shows that go for an hour and shows that only go for 15 minutes. There are different places you can go to listen to podcasts.

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At first, it might seem like podcasting is an odd venue for exploring relationships and sexuality in its many beautiful forms. But the enduring medium is home to all kinds of riveting erotic programs. In fact, erotic podcasts are some of the best erotic media around. Sure, sex is a predominantly physical and in some cases, visual thing. And the podcasting world is exploring that notion in exciting and innovative ways. The erotic podcast landscape is about as vast and varied as sexuality itself.

Each podcast features a roundup of recent news stories and interviews. In this bonus episode, Jessie Sage talks to Nookie, founder of Dating Kinky, about.

Discover the hidden side of everything with Stephen J. Dubner speaks with Nobel laureates and provocateurs, intellectuals and entrepreneurs, and various other underachievers. Archive of On the Radio episodes. We sort out the winners and losers. The endless pursuit of G. It has found an audience among reformers, and now the city of Amsterdam is going whole doughnut. Not quite. The supermarket was in fact the endpoint of the U. Our farm policies were built to dominate, not necessarily to nourish — and we are still living with the consequences.

But most of the standard solutions — scolding the Brazilians, invoking universal morality — ignore the one solution that might actually work.

Welcome to the Armchair Expert, a podcast that celebrates the messiness of being human.

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Listen to First Date Stories episodes free, on demand. In the world of dating, no matter your age, signals get crossed and actions are misinterpreted. This was.

Join Amanda and Carli Bybel every week on Related as they give you a behind the scenes look into their lives. Despite their busy schedules, they manage to find the time to lift each other up and are excited to welcome their listeners to the family. Take a deep dive with Carli and Amanda and be inspired as well, no topic is off-limits on this podcast so be prepared to hear details about them you can?

Hosted by Forensic Psychologist Dr. Buzz Von Ornsteiner, this series goes behind the headlines of real-life murder cases which copy memorable slayings seen in Hollywood movies. Each episode features a mystifying murder scene and law enforcement? Whether it? CopyCat Killers includes interviews with investigators, family members of victims and forensic experts. The series also features high quality recreations, extensive archive and original documents from police case files.

Check back every Tuesday for new episodes! To find every episode of Murder Made Me Famous, check out it’s new feed here. Join your two favorite gals, Brooke and Danielle, every Wednesday for a fun podcast about all things lifestyle! Brooke Miccio is a recent post-grad exploring life in a new city while vlogging her experiences on Youtube. On the show, you’ll hear everything from fun best friend stories, advice, tips on living your best life and personal stories from when things don’t exactly go as planned.

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