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The October Update has arrived! As many of you may already be aware, Global Chat has been removed with the release of this update. For more information regarding the reasons behind its removal, please check out our Blog Post here. Many Clans used the Global Chat for recruiting new members, but with the improved recruitment feature finding new members or a new Clan has never been better or smarter. Are you someone who favors Clan War Leagues, or perhaps you always achieve max points during Clan Games, or maybe you just like the social aspect of the game? There are a variety of Labels you can add to your profile.

Clan War Matchmaking – Less Mismatches

Have you ever asked yourself why your Clan is being matched up against much stronger Clans in Clan Wars? With all the recent changes and developments, I have been reworking this guide here from the ground for Basically, you and your clan members get points for everything you have — you get defensive points depending on the Levels of each of your Defenses, you get attacking points for your Troop Levels and Spell Levels, your Heroes levels, and what you, theoretically, could create to attack someone.

In reality, it will generate hours of waiting times because you have to wait until such a clan is searching for a Clan War at the same time as your clan does. This is the reason why the matchmaking does create problems right now. The algorithm simply takes far too long to make a perfect Clan War match, so with the time going by the algorithms starts to also check for clans that are not a perfect match, but a close match — so you might war against a clan that will be slightly stronger or slightly weaker than your clan.

Clash of Clans is a freemium mobile strategy video game developed and published by Finnish In the October update, Clan War Leagues were introduced. Clans would fight seven other ​clash-of-clans-update-clan-war-matchmaking-improved/; ^ “Archived copy”. Archived from the.

How are clans matched for a clan war? Clan wars matchmaking matches clans based on the strength of their members. Unlike multiplayer battles, trophies have no influence in determining your clan wars opponent. After an opposing clan is found, the war immediately starts. How is strength calculated in clan wars?

Different layouts and base designs do not affect strength. Will clans of different sizes be matched for war? That would be unfair. Both clans will always have the same number of war bases in a clan war. Clan wars matchmaking will only match clans of similar sizes, and a few members between per clan may be put into spectator mode when the clans are matched to even out team sizes.

The members in spectator mode will be those with the lowest trophy count in their clan or those who are ineligible for war. Other possible team sizes are: 15 vs 15, 20 vs 20, 25 vs 25, 30 vs 30, 35 vs 35, 40 vs 40, 45 vs 45 and 50 vs Clan wars matchmaking will always match your clan into the largest possible clan war. Simply canceling the Clan War Matchmaking after 5 minutes.


Supercell has changed the algorithm to match engineered bases preferably against other engineered bases in the August Update — read more about that here. The changes end of August was something so many Clashers put their hopes in and after a couple of weeks I think we should take a look at the current state and I also want to hear your opinion. Before we jump right into the community feedback, I also want to show what this update end of August really was. Naturally, this means that with every second passing by, the matchmaking will also look for clans that are more similar to your clan and less exactly matching.

Many clans have shown their recent matches and the times that they got outmatched are still really high. At least Supercell was reaching out yesterday and letting us know that they are aware and they are still monitoring and working on matchmaking you remember above, that they now are able to make adjustments more easily?!

War Weight and Clan War Matchmaking Basics. Weight is simply the numerical value assigned by Supercell to all Troops, Spells, Heroes, Traps, Walls, and.

In our Clan, we recently reached Clan War wins. Needless to say that we all are very happy about that, not only from the result of war wins, but also because we have had great wars where we were clear underdogs but still came out on top. And I am here to tell you that you also can create a very good Clan and get to war wins like we did. Use them, and you will very soon be popping the Champagne as well! Establishing a good Clan War culture of everyone contributing to our continuous results is the main part that I am such a big fan of our Clan.

We grow from every war and everyone is very dedicated. Getting there, though, has been full of rejections of decent players and members we have had for a long time.

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New Drop Ship is coming Click on image to goto our page full of stats on the newest Builder Base Troop! New Giant Cannon is coming Click on image to goto our page full of stats on the newest Builder Base Defense! Part 2 will be the Home Village Expect more to come soon.

With War Leagues, my clan has seen a resurgence in manufactured/engineered bases. My clan lost 2 close wars during last league against two clans .

Turn It Up to TH11! Get ready Chief, the day of the update has finally arrived!!! Here are the complete release notes:. Spell Superiority and a Clan War Tiebreaker! This diminishing damage means that it is still impossible to destroy buildings only using Earthquake Spells. What do you want to have in your Clan Castle if you ask your clan mates for a donation? I guess most likely Archers or a Dragon — but did you ever thought about why everyone wants Archers?

I want to make a guide about the advantages of different troops in your Clan Castle for defending and maybe you try some of them out instead of asking for Archers. In this post I will try to examine all kind of Troops.

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In this post, I will show you how you can improve your Clan War result by starting at the best time possible. You can get matched against different types of Clans:. This now gets more complicated. The time you should avoid and the time your clan members prefer. You see that for most regions you have a good chance to avoid Chinese Clans when you start your Clan War in the evenings.

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Clan Wars — Where can i find the war weight of buildings,troops etc. Also, SuperCell has expressed that they do not want to share how matchmaking works so in kind, engineers are unlikely to Try to search it in Allclash.

We have the reason why for you now and confirmation that a new update is coming soon! Supercell has just revealed on Twitter that the maintenance break today is server side only , but it will prepare for new changes coming in the future update. Supercell has already given a teaser of this to the community by announcing significant matchmaking changes to Clash of Clans which will arrive in the next update.

Specifically, we now know that War sizes 35v35 and 45v45 are being removed from the game, in order to boost available matches in other war sizes. On top of this the developer has also confirmed that powerful, late-game defenses and troops such as Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery and Grand Warden will now have much greater matchmaking impact.

You can see the other changes affected by the Clan War matchmaking patch in the notes above — you can see other details over on the Supercell forums here. Expect more details of other changes in the new Clash of Clans update soon. For now though, give us your reaction to the matchmaking changes below — are you happy with them or not? Alan has been working for Product-Reviews since and became the Editor-in-chief in

Updated War Weights Calculator & Upgrade Priority for Clan Wars

One of the top mobile game developing companies ” Supercell ” is celebrating five successful years for their strategy game ” clash of clans. The update is believed to be the 5th-anniversary update and Clash of Clans is all set to introduce some interesting events. Supercell has already given some hints for the upcoming update.

Recently all Clash of Clans players has experienced a change with the builders of the game. It is strange that the Builders have left the game and instead it was taken over by the Barbarians. With its last update, the new builder in the other village is faster than expected.

– Daily Clash of Clans News & Strategies.

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So over the clan having similar strength.

Best time to start Clan War

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the most amazing game on smartphone and tablet, namely Clash of Clans. Hey, all! Clash of the Clans (CoC) is one of those games that takes a lifetime. The Clan War matchmaking system in Clash of Clans bases the way it works on.

Coc War Matchmaking Trophies Unlike the Multiplayer mode, trophies do not factor in when clans are matched. Town Hall levels aren’t a deciding factor in matchmaking either. Only once a player has built the defenses unlocked at his Town Hall level and upgraded to the new troop levels does his weight begin to increase. May 8 will clan wars matchmaking system in the overall strength of clans with more fair matches th player field.

Deconstructing clash of clans. Trophies do the. The game calculates how “strong” the villages on your clan are and then looks for a clan similar to yours, so the battle should be always even. This is not as easy as finding a village with similar Trophies , so the matchmaking takes longer. Fortunately, there is no need to wait in the Clan Wars screen.

These skills consist of designing the best defense.

Clan Wars Matchmaking

Hello, everyone! Controlling your War Weight is how to get a good matchup in Clan Wars. Upgrading any of these items increases their Weight. All Weight is not assigned equally. Each type of item has a different Weight, and the Weight of upgrading each item can change at each level. This total is the War Weight.

Clan wars matchmaking matches clans based on the strength of their members. Unofficial Trick for Clan Wars Matchmaking ().

How are clans matched for a clan war? Clan wars matchmaking matches clans based on the strength of their members. Unlike multiplayer battles, trophies have no influence in determining your clan wars opponent. After an opposing clan is found, the war immediately starts. How is strength calculated in clan wars? Different layouts and base designs do not affect strength. Will clans of different sizes be matched for war?